Oak Display Case

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The lid and base of all our cases are grain matched from the same piece of wood, so you can actually follow the grain pattern on the side of the box from the lid to the base.
Our display cases have two coats of lacquer with a fine sanding done between each coat to bring out the wood's natural grain and character. 
The frame of the lid or top is 3/4 wide. Each case has brass plated hardware and double strength glass. 
The dimensions given on each item are the OUTSIDE measurements.  Deduct 1.5" in both length and width to determine the viewing area. For example, a 18 x 12 will have an actual viewing area of 16.5  x  10.5"
Any case ordered below has soft, closed-cell foam filling the inside from the back to the glass. Velvet felt is cut to cover the white foam. The lid covers the edge of the felt. Objects can be placed over the felt and compressed into the foam by the lid for display.
Easy glass replacement. Silicone free design